WHO*GAS: A blog for people who hate blogs

WHO*GAS (HOO-gas): Who gives a s***

You don't need your eyes checked: I do indeed hate blogs. Yet here I am, joining the blogosphere.

I'm supposed to love blogs, right? Because I have a bachelor of journalism, worked as a newspaper reporter, then a magazine editor, and wrote my first book, No Turkey on Thanksgiving, at age five?

Nope. Still hate 'em.

One of my journalism professors who also worked at the Austin American-Statesman at the time said the worst edit an editor could make was writing "WHOGAS" across an article and nothing else.

That delightfully profane acronym stuck with me. Everything in my life gets put to the WHOGAS test. Why does this matter? What purpose does this serve? Am I better off reading/purchasing/doing this? Why on God's great earth should I give a darn?

This is why I've come to haughtily turn my nose up at blogging. Don't get me wrong, I love to write; No Turkey on Thanksgiving got nominated for a Caldecott (by my mom). After reading Dave Barry's Bad Habits in tenth grade while home with strep throat, I wrote my own humor columns about the "trials and tribulations" of high school life (read and praised, once again, by my mom).

That's the thing--I don't want to blog about mindless chatter that only my mom will appreciate. And while my mom will read the crap out of this blog because that's just the kind of wonderful mom she is, the WHO*GAS mission is to enrich the lives of total strangers and bring them content that matters. Be better off after reading a WHO*GAS post or your money back, guaranteed.

**Money back guarantee not applicable on days ending with "y"